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Onlyxlivv: Instagram's Up and Coming It Girl

Olivia Alexander is already taking the IG world by storm at only 17 years old. She will be attending LSU in the fall as a psychology major, and we wish her all the best. Besides fashion, she loves to travel. Olivia has lived in over 7 countries/states, and constantly gains inspo from all of those different places. This is definitely one of the key components of being an It Girl.

I see aesthetics are really important to you, what do you think contributes to having such a good eye for your feed?

Growing up I moved around a lot seeing so many different cultures and aesthetics I took those experiences and incorporated it in my own way through taking pictures.

Do you consider yourself to be an influencer or just someone who posts outfit pictures and why?

I just love to put on a fit and take pictures I really wouldn’t consider myself an influencer. Although I do love that people like my fits and see my effort, it’s really just a hobby that I enjoy doing. Don’t get me wrong though I would love to sponsor cool brands out there, but this works for me too.

Your feed consists of very neutral and soft colors. What do you think contributes to the reason why you choose to wear those colors?

I think soft and neutral colors pair so well together and fit the aesthetic I like, that minimalist look. Especially with the right background the color pops so much more creating that sort of sophisticated/chill vibe. What are three accessories you cannot live without and why?

I can’t live without a bag/purse every look I wear I have to have a bag or it’s not complete. Also, gold and abstract rings and recently I’ve made it essential to always have on a nice pair of earrings the little details matter and can really make a look.

Your style is pretty versatile. Why do you think it is important to always be able to switch up your looks?

I think it’s important because I’m the type of person who matches my outfit to my mood, some days I want to wear a certain look, other days I want to switch it up. I don’t think you have to wear just one style. I wear whatever vibe that makes me comfortable and confident at the moment.

What are your future fashion goals for yourself?

I want to expand my knowledge on different fashion brands. Also being able to get more bolder and unique with my looks, and exploring different colors and patterns that go with a fit. I also want to help style people, and even design clothes.

I think your pictures are fire and clearly you are comfortable in front of the camera. Do you see yourself professionally modeling in the future?

Thank you! I’ve gotten that question a lot and honestly I don’t think so I take all my pictures myself and I feel a lot more comfortable when I can just set up my lil tripod and do what I need to do without rushing, and just create whatever vision I have depending on the fit.

Who are your biggest fashion inspirations and why?

There’s a lot of people that inspire me but the person that inspires me the most is my mom. I’ve always appreciated her sense of style. Since I could remember my mom never once stepped out the house without a fit on, and it always looks good, naturally. She’s versatile and still sticks to her own style. My second inspo would have to be Rihanna in a sense of, the diversity in her looks. The way she throws different colors and patterns and just makes it look good is very inspiring. She’s never worn a bad fit.

Your style seems very true to yourself. How do you balance your individuality while keeping up with today’s trends?

I definitely get inspired from a lot of looks over social media, however I take different styles/trends and try to incorporate them together. I’ll get inspired by a look and think in what way can I switch this up a bit or incorporate another piece from a different style to make it me. I also do that when it comes to different photo backgrounds a nice background can really make all the difference in making a picture unique or flow well together with the fit.

How do you feel about your growth on Instagram?

It’s really exciting and crazy to see my progress in a short period of time. It feels good to see the acknowledgment. It motivates me even more to keep going and keep the creativity alive in my outfits and pictures. I just hope it’s only up from here and appreciate any opportunities that come from it. If you could only wear two brands for the rest of your life, which brands would you pick and why?

Definitely Zara that’s one of my favorite brands. I can always find a staple piece and create a look whether it’s clothes, shoes, or accessories.

What do you feel more comfortable in; heels or sneakers? And why?

Definitely sneakers I’m terrible at walking in heels. Although sometimes they really can make a look, after about an hour I’m ready to take them off because of the pain.

How do you feel about the state of the fashion industry today?

Seeing the amount of creative and original ideas people have, especially black people all over social media is so inspiring. The way it’s broadcasted in so many different ways from hair, clothes, shoes, accessories, nails etc. I love it, and it really helps push my creativity and individuality.

Do you have any fashion advice for my followers?

Don’t ever conform yourself to one look or style. Fashion is a broad statement that gives you unlimited options. Figure out your niche and what makes you you and go from there. No matter what you put on, incorporate a bit of yourself too.

Check out Olivia on Instagram: @Onlyxlivv

Thanks for reading!

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