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Kendalll444: More than Just the Aesthetics

If you have not seen Kendall on Pinterest or TikTok then you must be living under a rock. Kendall is a 21 year old Visual Arts major from Chicago and Rochester. Her experience as a college student in New York and Chicago background truly has an influence of her outfits. Kendall puts her knowledge of the Visual Arts to work in and outside the classroom seeing as she has a natural eye for aesthetically pleasing poses, pictures, and outfits. To others, it's planned. To her, it comes naturally.

You are clearly the aesthetics queen. What inspires you to post how you do?

I just like to post whatever I feel like. I don’t really plan my pictures they just happen. I take photos to document days where I look good or have a nice fit on or just got my nails done etc.

You have an angel number in your your Instagram handle. How important is spirituality in your life?

I’ve known about angel numbers for a long time now and always seen 444 pop up everywhere. For me it’s about protection knowing the universe has your back. I’m also big on manifestation and claiming and becoming whoever you want to be.

I’ve seen you on my TiKTok for your page a couple of times. How do you feel about your growth on that platform?

I love Tiktok. It’s crazy how many people you can reach on that app. I appreciate the growth so much because it also led people to my Instagram and other platforms.

It seems like baggy graphic t-shirts are your staple. What are some other pieces that you consider to be essential for a good outfit?

Essentials for a good outfit has to be jewelry, and sunglasses. You can wear something so plain and still make a good outfit with jewelry or cool glasses. I’m always wearing gold hoops, rings and necklaces with everything.

Who would you say are your biggest fashion inspiration(s) and why?

My biggest fashion inspiration has to be Rihanna. She just kills it every time effortlessly. Even her airport fits are amazing.

Nails are a huge form of self expression, and you clearly get very creative with your sets. What do your nails say about you?

I love having a cute set of nails on its really an accessory for me. Most of them time I do them myself occasionally I’ll get them done by other nail artists. I’m actually in school for visual art so I love getting creative with my nails.

What do you think is in your future in the world of fashion?

The future is a tough question because to be honest I have no idea. I just focus on being as authentic and creative as I can and hope that takes me somewhere.

People on IG clearly love you. How do you feel about your influence on others, and the fact that people are naturally drawn to you and your page?

It’s really cool to have people that like what I post and it’s nice to know it’s well received by many. I’m really appreciative of anyone who supports me on any platform.

It seems like you post what you want and go which I think is great. Do you have a certain way you want your feed to look, or do you not think about it?

I just post what I want I don’t really have an aesthetic for my feed. I focus more on just individual pictures looking good so it all make sense in the end.

What are some of your favorite current fashion trends and why?

My favorite current fashion trends are probably trucker hats, mini bags, and all over print tees.

You wear a good amount of gold rings, necklaces, and earrings. Would you say that your accessories are a part of you?

Yes my accessories are definitely a part of me! I always have my chains on with everything. I feel incomplete without my jewelry on.

Describe your style in five words.

Cozy, Detailed, Versatile, Colorful, and Range

Keep up with Kendall on IG! @Kendalll444

Thanks for reading! <3

Let me know if you found anything interesting in the comments. Let's talk!

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