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Last April, a classmate and I started an Instagram fashion blog called Scholardrip because we realized that there was no Instagram account dedicated to connecting fashionable college students around the world. We wanted to inspire people our age and older, and contribute to social media’s current most popular clothing movement; streetwear. As a Marketing student with a passion for fashion, I have enjoyed learning how the two work together. For a couple of months, my classmate was sadly unable to work on the account so I had to take over. The individual time I spent on Scholardrip taught me the importance of follower interaction, how to run ads through Instagram, and how to promote various businesses. I learned many different things about running an up-and-coming Instagram blog, and myself as a leader. Through communicating with followers from across the country, to spending countless hours just organizing the page, I strengthened my business, communication, and leadership skills. 



 I recently created an ambassador program for the summer called Scholardrip Summer School as a way to get my followers more involved and help them grow as influencers. I am working with a diverse group of college students called “Scholars” that attend PWI’s and HBCU’s- one even attends school in Europe.  To stay on the summer school theme, they will be “teaching” their own fashion classes through the creation of TikToks, Instagram stories, reels, and feed posts. I am so excited to collaborate with such determined and creative people. As of today, Scholardrip has 21,400 followers, and this is only the beginning.

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