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Og_Gigi: The West Coast Princess

22 year old Seattle native, Giavanni Flowers, is a graduating senior at Clark Atlanta University. Although her love of fashion shows through her fit pics on IG, she also has a love for business. She is currently majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Supply Chain Management. She says an interesting fact about her that she has "done almost everything." Gigi loves learning new things in and outside of the classroom. Her openness to trying to new things is displayed through style which is one like no other.

Describe your style in 5 words.

Fun. Confidence. Me. Vibes. Swag.

How do you feel when you see yourself in people’s Tiktoks/ on Pinterest mood boards?

I feel so honored honestly. People always send me tik toks featuring me or always tell me I always see you on Pinterest and I’m like OMG! Just because that’s always what I centered my Instagram around was fits. Even growing up when I didn’t have much followers all my page consisted of was my fits so to finally see me getting recognition is a great feeling. It just feels good to be myself and have people fw it. I always wanna be a positive person to look up to!

You seem like a true individualist. Who/what inspired you to always stay true to yourself?

Thank you, that means a lot to me cause i stand on being myself so much but my mom! See, I have 2 other sisters, my whole household was girls plus my dad, so Yk being women we deal with lots of different issues so my mom always made sure we know if anything be yourself and be confident about yourself! Growing up I always looked up to the people you can tell was being unapologetically themselves, it was always so refreshing to see! I always stand by “best the best YOU” because if you can market yourself you can be unstoppable Fr, it all starts with you! I also feel another reason I am so myself is because I really don’t care what others have to say that’s so important.

What inspired you to start your brand Flowers Athletics?

What really inspired me is because I wanted certain clothes but I could not find them so I’m like everybody loves my style it’s only right to start my own brand. Flowers Athletics came from my last name being Flowers and Athletics came from me playing basketball my whole life along with a lot of other sports. I’m always shopping in the men’s section when it comes to clothes because I feel like women have less selection when it comes to “streetwear” so I plan to help with that problem with my brand and future drops. Flowers Athletics was been suppose to drop but ofc there was somewhat some self doubt so I delayed it for a while but one day I was just like LETS DO IT! Lol

Do you consider yourself to be a fashion influencer? Why or why not?

Yes and no. I say yes because everybody looks at me like that and I def see the influence in other peoples looks. It’s crazy when I reply to people and they be mad happy cause I’m just me but it’s a great feeling. I also say yes because I feel the way I dress is unique and I’ve ALWAYS dressed this way a lot of people are just now getting into sneakers and “streetwear” because it’s trendy now, but man I remember copping every jordan that came out! I remember running in the mall and getting into fights about getting the last pair in my size. LOL. Only reason I would say no is because the word “influencer” is annoying to me sometimes because I do not post everyday, I have a real life and do not take social media serious at all. I post when I feel like it! I think that’s another reason I don’t have tons tons of followers but that’s not what I do it for. I just be me and if people like it great, if not the show goes on!

I do not know anyone with a style like yours. What is it like to feel like such an original?

Thank you, It feels great! I’m not gonna lie Instagram lately has been so boring to me because I been seeing the same type of fits all through the app, everything so so trendy. I love when people come to my page and tell me they can see the originality! I always wanna make it known it’s ok to be yourself because you can tell when something is being forced. I just love the feeling of being me because nobody can be a better me then me.

You clearly know a lot about fashion culture. Where does all of your knowledge come from?

Music videos and dolls! Growing up all I did was watch music videos! I still do do this everyday morning to night. Growing up my favs were people like Kelis, soulja boy, Kanye, Nicki Minaj, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell, just to name a few, so my style should make a lot of sense now. I don’t really study fashion like high fashion cause I’m not into all that but when it came to music videos i studied the scenes, styling and creative direction behind them! Also, I was very into barbies, BRATZ, myscene and the games on the computer where you would dress up the dolls so styling and putting clothes together is something I always loved.

Your little sister, (@keem0ra on IG), seems to be your mini me. Do you style her or does she style herself? Would you ever consider creating your own styling business in the future?

That’s my twin well not literally but forsure my mini! I sometimes style her but she has own style as well, she’s more girly then me forsure. Styling her is kinda of annoying because I know she will not post because she’s very lowkey but I always tell people she’s cooler then me because ima make sure of it. When it comes to styling it cool but i don’t think I would do it for a career just because not really an interest of mine dressing up other people. I do do it sometimes though, if the bags right.

I know they stay dripped out in the AUC. How does it feel to be surrounded by other fashionable people at Clark?

I love the AUC! I’m so happy I chose CAU to be my home for 4 years. The AUC is literally a fashion show. I remember my first day of class as a freshmen I seen people dressed up in heels and dressed to class I was amazed like wow this is so cool! I felt right at home because I always was told I’m extra growing up. It just feels like a home feeling when I think of CAU, I don’t belong anywhere else forsure. CAU is the best dressed HBCU and I’ll bet tons of money on it!

You only have a couple pics on IG where you have on dresses and heels, for the most part you have on pants and sneakers. Have you always been more comfortable in pants and sneakers? Why or why not?

Me in a dress, heels, or anything girly is a RARE occasion! I just don’t feel like myself. I’ll have a girly fit on and take it off within a hour and change back to my tomboy fit. I’ve always been a tomboy, sneakers are everything to me! I like to be cozy, even going out to the club everybody can wear heels and dresses then there’s me in my sneakers and pants LOL. Ima sneaker head before anything else, I grew up on a much different sneaker culture then it is now, so sneakers have a special place in my heart. You are consistently growing on IG. What does it feel like to be an inspiration to almost 18,000 people?

It feels amazing! I still can’t believe it, like wow this much people are interested. The only way is up so this is really just the beginning. Followers don’t matter to me but it is a good feeling to know this much people are interested just based off my fit pictures. If we’re being honest, I knew i could do it but I always seen girls having followers for other reasons, so this is a very dope situation! I knew once I started getting paid to post in peoples clothes that I was a house hold name! I may not have as much followers as others in the streetwear world but the influence is def there! Its just a confirmation that you can be 100% yourself.

I love your “Black Girls Are Gods” shirt. What is the meaning behind that shirt? Do you plan on ever making that a collection for other pieces in the future?

Thank you! Honestly the tee was suppose to be a 1of1 for me wasn’t even suppose to be a drop but the shirt went viral on multiple platforms and everybody was asking where I got it so I just capitalized off it. The tee was my first drop as a new business and It means so much to me because this shirt means a lot to me! Black women are always put as a stereotype but most of those stereotypes are wrong. To me being a black women is being the blueprint. Having all odds put against you but still always coming out on top. Always starting the trends. Always coming up with the dopest ideas. Being super innovative and much more. My ancestors did a lot so I can be here so it’s only right I celebrated my culture and show love to all my sisters and queens. I didn’t plan on making it a collection but you might be onto something!

What fashion advice would you give to younger self?

Keep being you! Keep exploring your imagination! Don’t dim your light for anything or anybody. And lastly, make sure they feel your presence through your aura.

Keep up with Gigi on IG @Og_gigi. and follow her business page @flowersathletics

Thanks for reading! <3

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