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Olivia Sade: New York's Finest

Olivia-Sade is a 21-year old college dropout ("shoutout to Kanye") that is taking New York by storm. Her creativity, fashion sense, and personality has caused so many people to gravitate towards her naturally. Olivia states,"According to my best friend Jaida, she says an interesting fact about me is that I am multi-talented. Besides everything shown on my page, nobody really knows I used to really dance when living in the city". She recently started her own creative direction company, Creather, and is already doing big things. She is a multi-talented creative that isn't letting anyone get in her way. Look out world, Olivia-Sade is about to take over.

This year, one of my goals is to get into creative direction. What are some of your favorite things about being a creative director?

Creative direction has been an underlying passion I've had that really began with my own personal and brand projects. Creather has now blossomed into a creative outlet for others to bring their ideas to life through. At the start of the year, I would've never thought I'd take on creative directing seriously, but I knew it was something I loved when I turned half of my closet into a home studio. The best part of it all is bringing ideas from paper to reality. Speaking on your ideas is one thing, but seeing them alive creating a story and inspiring others to create is indescribable. Creative direction is another form of art and speaks to those who understand, nothing beats that.

What are some pieces that you think are important for every fashionable person to own?

When it comes to styling, I always emphasize the importance of originality. Believe it or not, originality is so hard to come by these days -- someone's either following a trend or taking the fast fashion route, wearing the same pieces with different outfits. I always love conversational pieces, those hard to find pieces that really make others stop and admire. I always advise shopping with sustainable fashion (shopping secondhand through local thrift stores or even using platforms, such as Depop) and small businesses. A few small businesses I've shopped with recently have been Well Engineered (@wellengineered), UNBORN (, and The Peaceful People ( on Instagram.

Being surrounded by so many talented people must be so inspiring. How is it like living in New York as a creative?

Living in New York is indescribable. Don't get me wrong, I've traveled to different states but nothing inspires me like New York. Take a day, sit in Washington Square Park and take in everything you see. It's amazing how much of a melting pot New York is as a whole. I always surround myself with other creatives that inspire me through their own ventures and dreams, and even look for ways to include them onto upcoming projects of my own. Creating a strong network is so important because you never know where your connections can take you and how much you can learn from another creative through their craft. It's so surreal working alongside many creatives who inspired me at one point to start creating, and I'm super grateful for everyone I've met and worked with so far.

A couple of your pics have gone viral on IG. Do you ever think about how much attention your pics will get before you post, or do you not think about that?

Honestly, I've never really put much thought into my photos when posting. It's actually crazy to think some of my pictures have reached such a large audience, who genuinely appreciate me as a person through my page. Whenever I post, I never think about the reach but of the quality and how it represents me. I've always remained myself through my platforms, showing my life in different ways via Tik Tok, Youtube and Instagram. People meant for you will always gravitate towards you, and I've always felt like that towards my audience on Instagram.

What inspired you to create your own creative direction company ( on IG)?

Creative direction has always been something that I've been doing without knowing exactly how to label it at the time. When setting up and creating a story for my brand campaigns, I would've never labeled myself as a creative director. It wasn't something I had immediately thought of and pursued. Through so many projects I've shared with my audience, it was clear how much others appreciated the time, work and story behind it all. Many people would reach out to me regarding creative directing their own projects, which pushed me to take on creative directing as a business venture. Creather is a new age of creative direction, to help others bring their ideas to life with our assistance from props, concept boards, casting and more! People believing in my vision and work is really what pushed me into taking creative direction seriously.

You express yourself a lot through your hairstyles, piercings, and tattoos. Have you always easily been able to express yourself? If not, why?

Sometimes I sit back and think to myself about how far I've come in all aspects -- through my style, my confidence and my growth. In high school, I've always felt misunderstood with the way I dressed and felt limited to settling with my fashion because I couldn't afford to dress how I truly wanted. It impacted my confidence in my style and overall for years, and it's something that really makes me proud of where I am today. I really started finding myself once I dropped out of college, and it's been up from there. I find expression through my hairstyles, tattoos and piercings because I love looking different from the rest and setting my own lane for myself. I am always grateful to my younger self, just trying to find herself because it's gotten to me where I am now, and she would've thought I was the coolest.

I think accessories can make or break an outfit. What are three of your favorite accessories to wear and why?

My current rotation actually consists of a few things that I cannot leave without. Recently, I've really been loving the addition of waist/pant chains that make my outfits more edgy. In one of my photos, I literally made one of the waist chains I wore with store-bought products and everybody loved it. Along with the pant chains, I cannot ever leave without some sort of jewelry on me! I never feel like an outfit is complete without jewelry because who doesn't love a good necklace stack? A new addition into my collection has been an angel number necklace by my friend, Juliet and her brand @shopjulietcharlotte on Instagram. Now, it's never really a complete outfit without a good bag to tie it together (my @humannatureworldwide tote has been my go-to since forever!)

Would you consider yourself to be a trendsetter? Or do you just do your own thing?

Honestly, I really just do my own thing. I always encourage others to be a trendsetter rather than a trend follower. I follow other creatives who inspire me through their style and personality that isn't seen anywhere else. It gets exhausting seeing multiple people wearing the same pieces because it's mainstream instead of embracing their own personal style and setting their own trends. Originality and individuality is what makes others want to keep up with you and that's what generates a genuine audience of people who support you for you.

What is your background with fashion? Where did your love for fashion come from?

Fashion has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I've always dreamt of becoming a fashion designer, before discovering there are so many careers in the fashion industry outside of designing. In highschool, I had taken all the sewing courses offered and even continued a fashion major into college before I decided that I wanted a more hands-on career and dropped out. Influenced by such powerful black leads, such as "That's So Raven", showed that fashion is much more than clothes but visual expression of who a person is as well.

You spend a lot of time in front of and behind the camera. Do you feel more comfortable as the model or as the creative director/photographer?

Although I've been modeling longer than I have been creative directing, I am much more comfortable directing than modeling. Many of those who subscribe to my Youtube channel see I come to set days super cozy and ready to work. The pressures of being in front of the camera is different than behind it -- you're wondering how you look at all times and anxious about how everything's coming out. Although there are pressures behind the camera as well, you're in charge of the vision and how it comes to life. I usually hire my best friend Jaida (@jaidaalyce) to assist with me on set as well, which helps me out so much!

What do you hope will happen for you as a creative director in the future?

As a creative director, I have many aspirations and hopes for my future with this new venture. I want to expand my projects nationwide and help creatives outside of New York pursue their visions as well. With Creather, I want to build a network of creatives (ranging from photographers to makeup artists, stylists and more) so it's accessible to those looking for models or other work to come and find it with us! I want this platform to benefit others around me as well and maybe one day, I'll direct music videos and films, you never know.

A lot of people can't say that they do what they love for a living. How does it feel to be able to say that you do?

Let me tell you. IT feels amazing! Believe me, I've worked so many jobs in the past that I have hated the atmosphere, the structure, time wasted and higher ups who never saw real value in the work put in and the person I am. To those who are hesitant, take a chance on yourself! If you don't, then who will? I've learned this through many failed business ventures before I've found passions that have really spoken to me and believing in myself gained the support of others. Chase your dreams! I believe in you.

People always say that a New Yorker's favorite color to wear is black. I see that you wear a diverse amount of colors. What is your favorite color to wear and why?

It's crazy how many phases I go through when it comes to styling myself. My personal favorite color is pink, but just last year I was into wearing very monochromatic colors, such as beiges and browns. Now, I just dress with the seasons and location of where I am as well. When I went to Miami to celebrate my 21st, I packed a suitcase of bright colors to compliment the sunny beach setting (and my bright pink hair!) To answer your question, it's hard to choose a specific color I love wearing, you just have to catch me!

Keep up with Olivia on IG! @oliviasade and follow her creative director account

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