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Goode Fits: A Look into IG's Next Big Thing

Wassup everyone, my name is Jaelin Goode, I’m 19 and I’m from Waldorf, MD. As of now I live in Charlotte, NC and attend the Illustrious North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. I’m a rising junior and my current major is Criminal Justice. One interesting fact about me is that I play the Saxophone. I'm nowhere as good as I used to be, but if taken more seriously in highschool instead of focusing on basketball, I could have possibly used my talent somewhere in the future.

How would you describe your growth on IG?

Looking back at when I first started my IG, I can definitely say it has grown tremendously. My account in highschool was primarily focused on just my life whereas now it’s literally just my outfits. What I’m having problems with is my engagement. My like to follower ratio is not where I want it to be and it makes me feel as if I'm doing something wrong. I feel like the amount of shares, saves and likes you get are a form of reassurance on how good the outfit/picture was and who wouldn’t want that.

Who are three of you biggest celebrity fashion influences and why?

My three biggest celebrity fashion influences are Travis Scott, Steelo Brim, and old Playboi Carti. Travis Scott and Steelo Brim put me on to the vintage band tees, vintage sport tees, and the vintage black history rap tees. Old Playboi Carti introduced me to Vlone before the rapper collaborations, Supreme, Stussy, and basically how to style the Jordan retros. My style now is definitely based around vintage whether it’s the hat, shirt, or shoes. For certain occasions though I love getting dressed up which is another reason why I like Steelo because he can switch up his style whenever. Many people don’t know but my style started off a little more classier due to the influence of my father and I’m not mad about it because it's great to have in your arsenal. An honorable mention for shoes would definitely have to be Lil Yachty just because most of his shoes are nostalgic. I aspire to have a collection like Yachty one day so that people know how much I love the shoe game.

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as calm, diverse, complementary, and of course vintage. Calm because even though I could definitely post my outfits everyday, I categorize it as just a normal day. Diverse because I can switch up between many different styles and although I usually only show one, I’m going to do a better job showcasing it to others. Complementary because all of my fits have to match. I have OCD so if one color is off by a little, I will try to find better options. Finally vintage and this should honestly be self explanatory. Eighty percent of the shirts I own are vintage and I don’t plan on changing it.

Graphic t-shirts seem to be your staple. Why are they so special to you?

Graphic tees are so special to me because it’s one aspect of my style that has really never changed. Back when I was younger, I always had a nike/jordan graphic tee. Now that I’ve recently gotten into vintage, I understand how important and valuable these graphic tees are. Growing up in the DMV, I literally witnessed President Barack Obama's inauguration. People make fun of me for having so many of his tees and I could care less because in the future, I want my son to know what barrier this man broke. I feel like all African American males should somewhat look up to this man not in the idea of becoming the President of the United States, but holding a position where our color isn’t very prominent.

Would you say that your background has an influence on your style?

My background has a huge influence on my style. My Dad and Mom, childhood friends and childhood idols that I looked up to. My Dad and Mom gave me my classier side of fashion including Seersucker, Salvatore Ferragamo, Brooks Brothers, etc. My childhood friends (@nativelos, @ev_mcniel, and many others) introduced me to streetwear and basically what to wear with all the different types of J’s we use to wear. My Childhood idols gave me the confidence to want to try out different styles and trends. Having an open mind with fashion is always needed and helps with rocking more than one style.

What is one pair of sneakers you can’t live without and why?

The one pair of sneakers I couldn’t live without is definitely my Off white Sail Jordan 4. If you didn’t know already, the Jordan 4 is by far my all time favorite silhouette. The Toro Bravo 4’s were my first Jordan retro, and it's crazy because they were sitting on shelves in all shoe stores back then. The Off white 4 released July 25 of last year and this was during a time when my mental health was absolute trash. Obviously there was Corona but there was also somewhat of the aftermath of George Floyd, which is traumatizing being an African American Male. I obviously took the L on SNKRS and went on with my day but before I left to go back to school, my dad surprised me with a pair as a gift of getting through the battle I had faced. So I look at the shoe more as memorabilia than just a regular sneaker.

Have you always been interested in fashion? Why or why not?

I can honestly say I have always been interested in fashion. My dream before knowing what I wanted to pursue as a career was to be a model and I wouldn’t be mad if the opportunity presented itself. Spending hours trying to figure out what different pieces go together is calming for me. I wish everyone could see how messy my room is after finally finding a fit just to go eat at the Cafe. I honestly can’t imagine what my life would be like without it and I’m glad I can show people what I enjoy doing outside of school.

If you could work with any brand what would it be and why?

If I could work with any brand, it would be with 5amrosa. If y'all don’t know about him, he takes basic black and white tees and uses somewhat of a graffiti type art to draw some of his favorite sports players, different artists, and influential figures. His prices are always reasonable and sometimes he’ll even drop one dollar or five dollar pieces. My three favorite shirts by him are definitely his Rodeo Travis Scott tee (came out on my birthday but couldn’t get), all of his Kobe Bryant tees, and finally his shock drop Tyler the Creator tee. Not only is his brand fire, he also customizes some of his own clothes like his Supreme North Face puffer and showcases them on his page to give to the community. So 5amrosa, if you're seeing this please give me the opportunity to purchase one of your customized shoes man. I’m kidding bro but everyone should definitely go give him a follow, and if he does see this it would be an honor to eventually do something with him.

What are some of your favorites current fashion trends and why?

Some of my current favorite fashion trends are vintage sports tees with the Eric Emmanuel/athletic shorts. At one point, very short shorts were never a style to wear in public but something basketball players would do. Josh Christopher and Jalen Green showcased this look on the court on many occasions. Now it has definitely become a trend and probably my favorite trend yet. Eric Emmanuel shorts are so tuff and it's literally just simple basketball shorts with two E’s. He sometimes also adds different designs like various colors in argyle. The only problem with Eric Emmanuel’s is how expensive they are so I will be waiting for the winter to purchase my first pair.

Your friend group stays fly. Would you say that you often get outfit inspiration from them?

Yes I often do get outfit inspiration from my friend group and its not because I’m copying their style, its because their some fly ass people and I respect their fashion sense. The four of us (@carlosbrookss, @nolimittyson, and @sterlstunna) talk about fashion on a daily basis. The amount of hours we spend in our living room watching Complex instead of doing homework is crazy and we are always going to be like that because we love it. Sterling, Tyson and I all have somewhat similar styles but Carlos is a different breed. He puts together pieces that are tuff and i'm just confused on how it works. But at the end of the day I can always count on their opinions when it comes to posting outfits.

If you could change one thing about the fashion industry what would it be and why?

If I could change one thing about the fashion industry, it would definitely be the hype of buying replica shoes. Even though shoes are more of a fashion accessory, it is definitely one of the most important pieces to my outfit. A few weeks ago, I got into a heated argument about why I felt it’s preposterous to ever spend money on a fake shoe. I’ve also been seeing a numerous amount of tik toks justifying why it’s ok to do it. I will never tell anyone how to spend their money but if you willingly buy a fake shoe, I have no respect for you. People complain about how they lose on SNKRS, and how sneaker resellers charge an extraneous amount for a shoe that was so cheap. Do yall not understand that’s the whole point of being a part of the shoe game? Your job is to find that one shoe you’ve been desiring for a steal. The joy you get from finally finding a steal is significantly better than just being lazy and buying that fake shoe.

Have you ever considered starting your own business?

On many occasions I have thought of starting my own brand, I just feel like it’ll be super hard to grow my fan base and get people to actually buy it. A big shout out to Lucius and @cravindustries because if I were to start a brand I would model it after his. If you haven’t seen me or my page, I'm big on rocking shirts that showcase those important black figures who are a big reason why I am here today. I am still trying to get my hands on his Revolution Tee but this is definitely another brand you should go check out. Some other up and coming brands I mess with heavily are Rawsince2000, Uninfluenced Youth, World Premiere Clt, and Rogueatl. They are definitely a lot more than I just mentioned but these four were the first to pop up in my head.

You changed your IG name to “Goodefits” not too long ago. Why did you do that?

I changed my name to Goodefits because like I previously stated, J11Goode resembled my life before college. Eleven was always my number for basketball so the username always stuck with me. After moving onto college, it was the first time where my life wasn’t centered around basketball. I kept wanting to change my name but never had an idea of what to change it to so I left it alone. One day the gang was just sitting and talking and Sterling randomly announces, “Jaelin, you should really change your name to Goodefits”. The name made so much sense and to this day will probably be the smartest thing Sterling has ever mentioned to me.

Keep up with Jaelin on IG! @goodefits

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