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Fine Girl: More than Just a Brand

Sadé and Naija are two full-time students, Youtubers, and entrepreneurs from the Bay Area. I have actually been watching them on Youtube ever since I was younger, and they make great beauty and fashion related content. Sadé is a 20 year old 3rd year African American studies major at Cal State University East Bay. Her sister, Najja, is a 19 year old 3rd year Media Studies major at UC Berkeley. Even though they are all about the business, they are still very focused on the books. One thing you would not know from looking at their social media is that Sadé enjoys cooking and Najja is obsessed with words; she was even the 3 time spelling bee winner at her middle school. Sadé and Naija are already doing big things to only be so young, and they are taking the world by storm. Be on the lookout for future drops, designs, and collections from these two very ambitious sisters!

Sadé and Naija pictured together.

What does being a “Fine Girl” mean to you two?

The “Fine” in Fine Girl is actually an acronym. A fine girl is fierce, intelligent, & naturally elegant. Additionally, She’s down-to-earth, supportive, and kind, which describes us perfectly.

Fine Girl clearly values inclusivity of all. How important is that to you guys during today’s culture?

Apart from the brand, my sister and I naturally value inclusivity. We believe that women must stick together and maintain strong sisterhood in order to defeat the patriarchy. We have built a dope community of confident, empowered young women, who we call the “Fine Girl Gang,” and are excited to see it grow. You CAN sit with us! #GIRLPOWER

How do you two feel about how quickly your brand blew up?

We have actually been entrepreneurs for 5 years now. We ran 2 businesses before starting Fine Girl, so it’s interesting to say that we “blew up” because our success definitely didn’t happen overnight. However, compared to our previous business endeavors, the success of Fine Girl has been overwhelmingly rewarding. Blessings on blessings!

I love seeing two, young, Black girls achieve so much in such a short amount of time. How does it feel being an inspiration to so many?

Thank you so much! We truly appreciate our supporters for always sending virtual hugs and positivity our way. I love that young girls and boys can use us as motivation to chase their dreams. In the words of Nipsey Hussle, the highest human act is to inspire. We are inspired by so many amazing humans, so it is fulfilling to know that we are keeping that cycle of inspiration going, and paying it forward to the next generation of great minds.

You guys are located in San Francisco. Would you both say that the west coast has had some sort of impact on the type of pieces you two create?

Bay Area weather is pretty nice most of the time, so I definitely think we took that into consideration when designing our OG tracksuits. We wanted to make something we could wear all the time, which explains the cropped jacket. We love everything cropped!

What inspired you guys to create Fine Girl?

All throughout our childhood & teen years our sense of style has always been inspired by the early 2000s. By the time we were seniors in high school, the Y2K trend was basically dead… We would always search high and low for girly velour tracksuits, but the only ones we could find were sold through online second hand retailers. That inspired us to create our own comfy yet stylish tracksuit line.

I see Y2K fashion has a large influence on the pieces you two create. Would y’all say that some of your inspo comes from how both of you used to dress back in the day?

Our inspiration most definitely nods to our early fashion sense. Our style was all fur, glitter, bedazzled everything, pink, pink, and more pink. We made sure to include these elements in our current designs (and future designs….*wink wink*).

What is it like working with your sibling? 

It’s so fun honestly! Imagine working with your best friend. We don’t argue, we trust each other 100%, we don’t compete with each other, we contribute equal amounts of energy to the brand, etc. We love it here!

How does it feel to see some of your favorite celebrities wearing Fine Girl pieces? 

It’s always heartwarming to see celebrities that we admire genuinely support our vision, especially since we are still a growing brand. Shout out to them!

The Fine Girl experience seems to be one that brings out everyone’s fun and girly side. Is this brand an accurate representation of both of your personalities? Or is it just a small part of the two of you? 

We are so multifaceted, there are about 10 different people inside of us both, but one of those people is definitely hella girly. That’s the beauty of Fine Girl, it truly is for everyone. We can dress tomboy-ish one day and hella glamorous and pinked out the next, it’s all about our current mood. But embracing your “inner Fine Girl” is all about tapping into your true femininity and loving it.

What is some advice you guys would give to up and coming business owners?

Start. Immediately. Stop sitting on golden ideas. Don’t hesitate to get the ball rolling. The longer you prolong your idea the longer it will take to reach the success you deserve. Never give up either, you may have to try again and again but never give up! You never know how close you are to the finish line! 

How would you two describe your own personal styles?

Hella fly & hella glamorous.

Who/what inspired the aesthetic for the Fine Girl brand?

The inspiration behind our brand was to create a self empowering hub for girls everywhere who love themselves or are on a journey to finding self love & their own inner confidence. Our individual styles were also a big inspiration to the brand. 

Any brand updates my followers should know about?

Fine Girl Summer is in full effect! We have so many fly collections coming soon, and we cannot with to share them with you all!

Follow the sisters and their brand on IG @finegirlofficial

Sadé's IG: @sydollaasign Naija's IG: @nydollasign

Thank you so much for reading <3

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