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Ranking My Top 5 Sneaker Enthusiasts

by: Tyson Danner

5. Joe La Puma (@jlp on Instagram)

For those of you who may have spent time watching your favorite celebrity go sneaker shopping, you may be familiar with my #5. Joe La Puma is certainly one of the biggest sneaker enthusiasts, and maybe the biggest sneakerhead on the list. Joe has a nice, well-rounded collection and you are likely to see him with something unique every time whether it’s a new collab or an old gem. Below you can see Joe La Puma wearing the Nike LD Waffle x Sacai in the black colorway.

4. Lil Yatchy (@lilyatchy on Instagram)

Lil Yatchy may only be 23 years old and the youngest sneaker enthusiast on my list but his collection is definitely full of grails. Lil Yatchy’s collection is more unique because he likes to collect rare items that are close to impossible to get. He gives us an inside look at some of those in his closet tour with Complex. In his collection you will find anything from OG Bapesta’s to a lineup of 1985 Jordan 1’s. Lil Yatchy is also the only person that I’ve seen with a pair of Ari Menthol 10s! Below you can see Yatchy wearing a pair of UNDFTD x Jordan 4s.

3. Offset (@offsetyrn on Instagram)

Offset is one of those ones where, if you know then you know. He rarely shows his closet off but you can definitely see gems all throughout his instagram page whenever he posts up. Offset is one of my favorites because he has a collection full of sneakers from the early 2000’s, whether that’s a classic pair of Air Force 1’s or an old pair of Jordans that would be hard to access today. While Yachty and Offset have pretty much identical collections, I put Offset above Yachty for the simple fact that he has been in the game longer so he has a slightly bigger collection than him, which was shown when they got on IG live in march. Not to mention that offset has a 1/1 pair of Travis Scott 6’s, gifted by Trav himself! Below you can see Offset in the Friends and Family Diamond Supply Dunks!

2. Travis Scott (@travisscott on Instagram)

Travis may be the most popular on this list and could arguably be the #1. Travis Scott is definitely the most influential on this list. I mean he’s raised sneaker values by just simply posting in them. Travis Scott is most known for his collaborations with Nike and Jordan brand of course but when he isn’t wearing one of his designs, he is guaranteed to give us flavors. LaFlame may have the most insane Nike SB collection on the list! Below you can see Trav in the Supreme x Nike SB Dunk in the Black Cement colorway.

  1. PJ Tucker (@pjtucker on Instagram)

Honestly, Pj Tucker shouldn’t surprise you because he is the king of sneakers in the NBA… which says a lot, and to think he has that title with no endorsement deal is impressive. You will definitely find something you didn’t know existed in his collection. PJ has become notorious for tracking down rare sneakers, like his most recent finding of a Carmelo Anthony exclusive that Melo couldn’t even get himself! Below, you can see PJ in a pair of PE Oregon Duck 4s.

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2021년 6월 10일

This list is crazy accurate,with a great breakdown of each person.



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